Wahroonga Pre-School is committed to having a strong focus on sustainability. We teach our children about recycling, separating food waste and composting. We also try to minimise our use of electricity, where possible.


Our worm farm is a favourite for some kids and allows them to see what we can do with some food waste. The worms also provide us with an excellent nutrient rich product that we can use on our veggie garden!

Thinking about creating your own worm farm at home? You can learn more about he benefits of a worm farm and why you would want one by visiting the sustainable gardening australia website. It also tells you how to make one, what to feed your worms and even some trouble shooting tips.

Wahroonga Pre-School also has a compost, for further food scraps that can’t be given to the worms. This is one more way for us to reduce our landfill waste while producing an excellent source of free garden food and soil improver, for use in our veggie garden and elsewhere around our excellent outdoor garden space. You can find information about what composting is, how to make one and what to add to your compost on the sustainable gardening australia website.


Reducing our plastic waste is something we all need to do. Try these tips from Sustain a Home to:

Reduce your plastic waste in the kitchen

Reduce your plastic waste in the bathroom