Our Philosophy


➢ We believe in recognising the uniqueness of each child and family and the need for children to develop an understanding and respect for self and others.

➢ We believe by fostering each child’s self esteem this enables them to reach their full potential.

➢ We believe in the provision of a stimulating and responsive environment where positive reinforcement and encouragement make learning possible.

➢ We believe in the provision of open-ended experiences for children to explore, experiment, create, problem solve, develop independence and actively participate in their own learning.

➢ We acknowledge, celebrate and incorporate the culture and diversity of families and people within our community.

➢ We recognise and value the knowledge and commitment of the staff and fully support their professional development.

➢ We acknowledge the importance of children, parents and staff working in partnership in a learning community that promotes the wellbeing, education and development of all children.

➢ We recognise the value and equal importance of the indoor and outdoor environments to enhance children’s learning.

➢ We believe in respecting the kindergarten and global environment by contributing to a sustainable future by recycling, reusing, composting, gardening and being water wise.